Testimonials from our clients

Chris – electrical engineer, Sheffield

“I’d suffered for more than ten years with sores all over my scalp, and no one had been able to tell me what the problem was. Seeing Russell’s advertisement and noting his premises are near my home, I called in.

“Within minutes, Russell had examined me, identified the problem and recommended a solution.

“Things started to clear up within just a few days. I’ve been using the treatment for six months now and had no problems since then. I even recommended it to a friend with the same issue and it’s worked for him too.”

Joselyn, Sheffield

“Many women experience hair loss at some point and try all the supermarket remedies that don’t work.

“I have experienced this leading me to find a professional R. McFarlane to apply a course of treatment named La Biosthetique.

“True to say healthy scalp, healthy hair from the man who can!

“La Biosthetique has a complete treatment solution for every hair problem and it does work!”

Teresa M.

“After starting with a scalp problem of severe flaking, especially around my hairline and ears, I visited the hair and scalp consultancy and have been amazed after a few treatments, my scalp has cleared up and am relieved and pleased that I feel it has been well worth doing and would recommend this service to anyone with a problem. I am 72 years old and highly recommend that anyone with a problem to book a visit. ”