The power of plants
for hair and skin

Botany (French: botanique) – the study of the structure and function of plants inspired by the idea of phytotherapy, the centuries old human knowledge about the healing properties of plants.

100 % certified natural cosmetics for hair and skin. Vegan, exclusively contains natural scents, free from parabens, silicones, mineral oil, sulphates and alcohol additives.

Botanique: Gentle

Mild care and cleansing with calming ginkgo extract. Natural lavender essences surround hair and skin with a calming, nurturing scent. Relax with the gentle effect that caresses your hair and skin like a soft breeze.

botanique gentle

Botanique: Intense

The invigorating care strengthens and activates with natural extracts of ginseng, a refreshing, natural hint of mint and lemon stimulates hair and scalp.

botanique intense

Botanique: Balancing

The harmonising care contains extracts of aloe vera and jojoba oil to rebalance hair, skin and soul.

These products are free from perfumes.

botanique balancing

certified natural
100 % certified natural cosmetics
La Biosthétique is assessed for its respect of humanity and the environment through to its working conditions and consumer interests.
certified vegan
100 % vegan - free from animal ingredients
All products are registered with the Vegan Society, and completely free from ingredients of animal origin and genetically modified plants.
certified halal
100 % halal
In addition to the requirements of pure natural cosmetics, La Biosthetique Halal products are also produced without ingredients of animal origin and alcohol.
certified socially responsible
100 % Global Social Responsibility
The whole company upholds its values with regard to humanity, the environment, innovation, growth and education.